Lunch Account Deposit Form

To replenish your student lunch accounts:
1. Complete this form
2. Checks can be made payable to All Seasons Foods
3. Send in the completed form and payment with your student(s).
All student lunch activity can be monitored on-line. Deposits will be reflected in student accounts within 24 hours of receipt.
Please check all calculations. If there is a discrepancy between the amounts listed and the amount submitted, the lunch manager will apply the difference at their discretion to one of the student’s accounts listed on this form.
We at All Seasons Food thank you for your patronage and continued support.
For internal use: Remit processed forms in your weekly package. Processed by _________________ Date: ____________

If you’d rather not complete the form digitally, you can download it, fill it in, and send the completed form along with the payment with your student(s).